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In commemoration of 50 years of Black student life, Episcopal High School seeks to honor those courageous pioneering students who forever transformed the institution into a place where the dreams of all students could be nurtured and supported regardless of race or ethnic identity. This commemoration year also aims to acknowledge the past while fostering the exchange of ideas across generations to illuminate ways the school will approach and embrace its next 50 years of inclusiveness, intellectual inquiry, and moral courage.

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The EHS50 Advisory Committee consists of a team of 15 alumni, who were brought together to counsel the Advancement Staff and Director of Community & Equity to help plan alumni events and student programming for the commemoration of 50 years of integration. They will attend the EHS50 programs in the fall and encourage classmates to do the same. In addition, they will support Episcopal’s new Black Student Alliance, Spectrum, and existing student affinity groups. 

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